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Discover the benefits of SWALSS membership

A quick glance at the events and opportunities offered by SWALSS should be enough to convince special school leaders of the benefits of membership.
Our four annual conferences, for example, are always well supported and the reviews of them featured on this site are testament to how school leaders regard them.
Our Leadership and Management Course is now in its ninth year and continues to provide an invaluable special school alternative to the more generic NPQ courses available elsewhere.
These two key offers are supported by a wide range of other training, development and support opportunities that flex and change according to the needs of our members.
Every effort is made to keep our conferences and other events as affordable as we possibly can: we prize value for money very highly and our outgoings are kept to an absolute minimum.

Now what's the cost?

Attendance at any SWALSS event requires membership, but at only £95 per school per year the comparison with other organisations is clear.

SWALSS Membership

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