Schools Advisory Service (SAS)

Why SAS is the Right Choice

The largest Staff Absence Insurance Provider, supporting schools and academies to prevent and reduce absences.

Policy Plus covers all pre-existing conditions
Continuous cover for ongoing absences & maternities
AA+ rated insurer for financial peace of mind
In-house claims, client support and nurse teams
State of the art on line claims system advising claims payment date
Schools Advisory Service (SAS) are the largest insurance services provider to specialise exclusively in the education sector. SAS began insuring schools in 1997 and now work with over 4000 schools nationwide, making us the market leader in Schools and Academies Staff Absence and Maternity and Insurance.

Over 20 years we have built and developed relationships with Schools and Academies, giving us a unique understanding of their insurance needs, support service requirements and most importantly how we can support them to achieve their goals. We develop our products annually in consultation with schools to ensure that we provide the most relevant and effective Staff Absence Insurance service available in the UK.

Our philosophy at SAS is to not only support your school financially when absences occur, but work with you to prevent and reduce staff absence. We do this by including Well-Being and Medical support in all polices we offer. It is designed and implemented by our team of experienced in-house SAS Nurses with the aim of keeping your staff in the classroom, thus ensuring the children at your School/Academy get the best possible opportunity to succeed!

Best Value Cover with SAS

Bereavement cover (no excess applied)
Stranded Staff cover (no excess applied)
Jury Service cover
Suspension cover
Trade Union Duties cover
Staff covered up to 75 years of age
Approved Partner of The Institute of School
Business Leadership (ISBL) (fka NASBM)
Bespoke payment plans available

Flexible Policy Choices

  • Staff to insure
  • Daily Benefit
  • Excess Period
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Stress Cover
  • Included / Pre-Existing Claims

Medical & Well-being Services Included

Services Doctor-led by our in-house nursing team& managed by our clinical director
Staff do not need to be absent from work to have access to the services
Staff can access the services even if their condition is not work relate
All support delivered is confidential, giving your staff peace of mind
All these services are available to the staff
members insured on the SAI policy, our Clinical
Directors and SAS Nurses will advise on the best course of action to support their needs

New for 2019

  • Pupil Well-being Services
  • 24/7 Worldwide Counselling Service

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