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Those of you who are special school headteachers may remember those early days in post – or perhaps the nervous anticipation that preceded them. Okay, so headship is headship – right? Well, not quite, I hear you say. Special school headship has its own unique opportunities, pleasures and challenges and, like all school leadership roles, it can be pretty daunting at times – especially if you are new to it. With this in mind, we are proposing to trial a blog or chat group for colleagues who are new to special school headship, starting in September 2019. The blog will take the form of a conversation between participants and will focus upon the issues that most concern or interest them as they get under way in their new role. The conversation will be facilitated by an experienced SWALSS special school headteacher. What better way to build the network of mutually supportive colleagues you are going to need as you move forward in your new role?
If this blog proves popular, we will look to offering further ‘facilitated conversations’ in support of other groups of staff who are starting out in leadership roles in our schools.
If you are going to be new to special school headship in September 2019 and would like to join the group please get in touch through the Contact Us page or click the button below which will redirect you straight to the appropriate place.
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